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Write and post to your blog from Gmail in 1..2..3 steps


Compose in Gmail

Write your post in Gmail. No more complicated editors to learn, no admin pages to log into. Just you and your thoughts composed in Gmail, shared on your blog.


Add Downloadable Content

(Optional) Share pdfs, worksheets, templates, images etc (<5mb) on your post which your readers can download.


Hit Send

Hit SEND once you are satisfied with your post. From there, we take over, transforming your email into a beautiful post people will love to read.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I compose my post?

You compose your post in Gmail, then email that post to blogpost AT Moogle.cc.
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Can I see some sample blogs?

Yes! Please visit the Moogle blog to see what posts look like.
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No way! Are all these posts written in Gmail?

Yes, pinky promise! All the posts you see are written in Gmail.
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What kind of formatting should I use while composing?

Gmail is great but try not to go overboard by mixing too many different types of formatting in the same post. Moogle can handle it just fine but you don't your posts to be hard to read.
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What themes do you support?

We currently have just one theme - the one that you see on our own blog. We will be adding customizations and new themes soon.
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What does downloadable content (DLC) mean?

DLC is content that you attach to your blog post which readers can download on to their machine for further reference or reading. For example, if your blog post is about time management, you may decide to include a pdf containing a worksheet pertaining to time management. Here is a blog post with downloadble content.
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Can I only use Gmail to compose my post?

Our blog styles are optimized for Gmail so we would definitely write our posts in Gmail if available. If you don't use Gmail, you are welcome to try a different email but we can't guarantee that the posts will look good.
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If I upgrade, can I keep my old posts?

Yes! Start for FREE now, upgrade whenever you are ready. We will port all your old posts to your own domain.
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Our pricing is simple. $0 if you host your blog with us. $50/year if you want the blog on your own domain. Start for FREE, upgrade to your own domain along with all your posts whenever you want.


The many reasons to use Moogle

There are so many reasons to use Moogle

  • Blog from your inbox/No blog editor to learn
  • DLC - share content your readers can download
  • SEO aware and friendly
  • Social Sharing friendly

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