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What Moogle offers

Unlimited Emails

Yes, we're like Mailinator on your own domain

API Access/Auto-forwarding

If you don't like our inbox, see your emails in your own inbox through our APIs. You can even fully manage your email through Gmail!

Built-in Blog

Blog straight from your inbox and stop worrying about WordPress vs Ghost vs Netlify, Markdown vs Gutenberg, JAMStack vs LAMP vs MERN vs any-other-four-letter-acronym.

Social Features

Securely share and discuss any email you want on Slack or WhatsApp or Facebook.

Why Moogle?

Because managing email and a blog adds nothing to your bottom line

Managing email can get tedious and expensive. That's why, once you configure your MX records, you can instantly start receiving all your emails in our beautiful shared inbox.

And blogging is even more complicated and full of hidden pitfalls. With Moogle, just email yourself a blog post and publish it instantly to the web, no Github, no Netlify, no JAMStack, just you and your words.

  • Instantly start sending and receiving emails.
  • Instantly start blogging.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you build Moogle?

I have been trying to un-google myself for the last few years. As part of that process, I realized I needed to also rid myself of Gmail.

With Moogle, I decided to fully reimagine the inbox to expand what we can do with email.

How secure is my email?

All your emails are auto-processed and hidden behind an industrial strength authentication layer (AWS Cognito). No unauthorized personnel ever see your email and even that happens in the rarest of rare cases.

Where is Moogle built?

It is built with ❤️ in India.

Who are some of your competitors?

The founders of Basecamp recently launched hey.com recently launched an inbox+blog service but their offering is more restricted than ours and costs way more

Zoho Mail has social features similar to Moogle but it does not have a built-in blog.

Mailinator has unlimited emails but nothing else that Moogle provides.


#Build in public

Moogle.cc is being built in public with a focus on telling the world exactly what is happening behind the scenes.


As part of #BuildInPublic, these are genuine reviews.

Sai Ramachandran https://ramachandr.in

I made this product and I really like it. We use it internally so we are literally dogfooding our product as it is being released to the public. Hope you like it as much as we do internally.


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